FC Ylivieska

Medals 2019:
(Group play)
2018: 1
FC Ylivieska was one of 23 clubs from Finland that had teams playing during Next Year Cup 2019. They participated with 10 teams in Pojat 2010, Pojat 2008, Pojat 2006 and Tytöt 2010 respectively. Three teams played until Platini-Finaali in Group play; Pojat 2008 Hammers won over FC Ylivieska Foxes by 2-0, Pojat 2008 Gunners won over Kuopion Palloseura Banzai Musta by 6-1 and Pojat 2008 P09 lost against KP-V by 1-2.

In addition to this, FC Ylivieska have participated in Next Year Cup before. During Next Year Cup 2018, FC Ylivieska had 18 teams playing in all categories except Pojat 2010, Pojat 2008, Pojat 2006 and Tytöt 2010. Four teams played until in Group play; Tytöt 2008-2009 T08 won over FC-92 by 3-1, Tytöt 2004-2005 won over HBK by 4-0, Tytöt 2008-2009 T09 lost against Ajax-Sarkkiranta by 0-6 and Tytöt 2006-2007 T07 lost against FC-92 by 0-1.

FC Ylivieska originates from Ylivieska, which is the same city as where Next Year Cup takes place. The area around Ylivieska does also provide two additional clubs participating during Next Year Cup 2019 (FC-92 and Oulaisten Huima).

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